An overview of the FitBurn Tokenomics

FitBurn's business approach involves selling NFTs as access keys to the site, providing calorie payback and other perks based on gym relationships. The platform will also profit from in-app purchases, renting NFTs, and trading CAL token incentives. Users may buy NFTs, gym memberships, vitamins, and accessories using CAL tokens.

Token types

Overall, FitBurn has two types of overarching tokens in this ecosystem:

  • NFT T-Shirt: 11,111 first batch.

  • Further collections will be released as demanded by our community

  • CAL token – Supply of 2,000,000,000.

The CAL token is the utility token for the FitBurn platform, which could be used as a payment method. The fixed supply token facilitates additional functions such as rewards distribution, staking for multiple benefits, and access to the system’s Governance. List of token functions:

  1. Purchase goods and services on the platform (gym memberships, supplements, accessories, etc.)

  2. Staking CAL tokens for:

    • Rewards in the CAL token

    • Additional workout minutes

    • Platform fee discounts

    • Access to special/VIP events

  3. Rewards distribution for:

    • Active NFT holders burning calories

    • Users staking CAL tokens

    • Liquidity providers for the CAL/USDC pair on AMM

  4. Participation in the system’s Governance.


The CAL token will be the sole payment method for enabling costs on the platform, such as those associated with NFT washing and renting transactions.

Furthermore, the CAL token is the only form of payment used to make the first purchase of the NFT necessary to activate FitBurn's calorie-burning feature.

The CAL token, unique to the FitBurn platform, would be the sole acceptable payment method for all secondary sales of the project's NFTs and the sale of gym equipment sold by FitBurn's partners.

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