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NFT User Guide: rareness, NFT washing, Boosters and Calorie Cashback.

We aim to offer various designs to suit all tastes and preferences. Overall, our NFTs converge technological innovation with seamless visual elements and comfort for those who choose them.

NFT TypeNum. T-shirt DesignNum. Generative items


5 variations each



5 variations each



5 (two have 4 variations; three have 5 variations)



4 variations each

Total: 11,111 + further collections will emerge that will be branded, limited & on demand. Overall, we offer 22 designs used in applications + 3 just for content.

NFT holders actively using their NFTs will have to pay a small fee on the platform to “wash” their NFTs, the same way a t-shirt is washed. This action will only be required if the holders use their NFTs to burn calories and earn rewards. The fee will be determined by the NFT’s efficiency rate and only be payable with CAL tokens. The efficiency rate will depend on the number of workouts done by the user.

NFT washing








Moreover, users must use their Calorie tokens to improve their NFT T-Shirts to maximize the effectiveness of the reward distribution. During upgrading the NFT, calories will be expended to maintain and raise the value of the Calorie tokens.

NFT Boosters

FitBurn allows NFT holders to enhance their NFTs by purchasing and adding boosters, which increase the maximum daily exercise limit or provide extra Calorie Cashback. Each user can upgrade their NFT with a maximum of 3 boosters per day.

NFT boosters are of two types:

  • Permanent - an upgrade for 1 year (at a cost of 2250 CAL)

  • Temporary - an upgrade for 24 hours (at a cost of 3.5 CAL)

Calorie Cashback

NFT holders who regularly engage in activities that burn calories and "wash" their NFTs will be eligible for daily payback from the Fit Burn platform. The user will receive the native CAL token . This per-calorie quantity and the monthly limit will be subject to direct modification by Fit Burn. When the DAO reaches maturity, Governance voting will allow for the calorie burn price and monthly cap to be subject to modification.

Moreover, the site will create a separate reward pool for calorie cashback using the funds generated from the sale of NFTs. The prizes, which will be given out in CAL tokens, will come from the ever-expanding reward pool.

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