The core info on the governance process

FitBurn will start as a centralized business and evolve into a decentralized platform managed by its DAO members through the CAL token. The decentralization of the project will be structured in 3 stages as follows:

  • Early days — during this period, the team is in complete control of the project, and no voting is done. This is because there will be bugs and events requiring immediate hotfixes, which cannot be done democratically.

  • Semi-decentralisation — the team is still in control of the project and can deploy hotfixes, but for non-urgent decisions, it can take community input via a forum or off-chain voting like a snapshot - https://snapshot.page/#/

  • Complete decentralization — where the project will implement a process following industry best practices, as defined further below.

The DAO will determine the project's development path and monetary policies within the FitBurn ecosystem. Reimbursement for the protocol's technical enhancements will be processed via the Treasury.

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