Rewards program details

Users who complete any of the following tasks will be eligible to get prizes from the platform:

  • Stake the CAL token.

  • To stake the LP tokens produced, you must first provide liquidity for the CAL/USDC pair on AMMs (such as UniSwap).

The prizes will be awarded from a reward pool with a set supply daily, and the distribution will depend on the number of unclaimed tokens in the pool. For instance, 0.10% of the total number of unclaimed tokens in the pool would be split up daily among all the different categories of users eligible for prizes (the exact percentage allocation, to be determined later).

Due to the configuration described above, the following aspects will always be valid:

  • The reward pool will never be exhausted since the prizes will always be dispersed as a proportion of the total number of unclaimed tokens in the pool.

  • The number of CAL tokens rewarded decreases over time: (like Bitcoin); still, the prizes' net worth in US dollars may grow if the price of CAL tokens does.

  • This rewards system limits the amount of money that may be printed and is compatible with tokens with a fixed supply (as opposed to perpetual inflation).

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